Saturday, March 15, 2008


I think each day that I earn a living with programming in an OO language (C#) but does that automatically give me object oriented skills. With a slurry of new programming best practices thrown at each day (TDD, BDD, DDD, DI, SOA etc etc) and add to that the new API's/cool must use features being churned so quickly by Microsoft I find myself torn apart between advancing towards the new features (like learning LINQ or the new MVC framework), or going back to basics and learning what is good old Object oriented software development meant to be all about.
With this blog I look to connect with like minded people, and hopefully document/vent in some manner my struggle/frustration with my current level of programming skills, journey/path to gain some decent Object oriented skills, and hopefully in the journey build a reference point for other fellow developers in my shoes to take a start. Get your self out of the 9-5 grind of developing and checking in features, from one project to another, and think...think how can you be a better software developer.